Amanda Bradley - Managing Director

Business Experience

Initially a chartered accountant, I have an extensive background in Corporate Treasury, Mergers & Acquisitions and Risk Management. Since 2013, I have worked increasingly in the coaching space, first as an SVP’s resident thought partner and strategic coach, then as an in-house coach on several talent and diversity programmes.

Expert facilitator

I have worked with senior leaders from around the world, particularly in the UK, US and Canada, Asia, Africa and Europe. I am an expert facilitator and work creatively with groups to design and deliver sessions to help them understand and solve business problems, improve team dynamics and enhance organisational purpose.

Understanding people

I work psychologically with clients, leveraging my learning and experience in psychotherapy. I am in my fourth year of psychotherapy training, studying for an MSc in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute in London. I split my week between coaching and working with clients in the mental health setting. Working in the mental health sector has given me the tools and expertise to work at deeper psychological levels. This enhances work with clients who are looking to identify and resolve more fundamental issues which might be holding them back.

Coaching for Performance

My business background and leadership experience have also given me a strong grounding for performance coaching. I am a former international rower and Varsity Coach, having coached both the Cambridge University Women’s and Men’s Lightweight Boat Race teams.